Equine Boarding and Special Events
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Equine Boarding Services

The Whittier Narrows Equestrian Center (WNEC) is operated by All Equestrian Services and offers the following equine boarding services:

Monthly Boarding Rates

  • Fully Covered Pipe Corrals: $320.00 (12' X 24')
  • Breezeway Corrals: $320.00 (12' X 24')
  • Box Stalls: $410.00 (12' X 12')
  • Trailer Parking: $30.00

Stalls are cleaned daily and animals are feed in the a.m. and p.m. For additional services or changes of feed, please contact Linda at (562) 355-5765.

Monthly Payments

All board payments are due on the 1st of each month.

  • Checks: Make payable to: All Equestrian Services or AES
  • Checks: Drop payments in mailbox on office door, or
  • Checks: Mail to: All Equestrian Services, 3553 Atlantic Avenue #9, Long Beach, CA 90807-5605
  • Credit Cards: We can set up automatic monthly payments

Temporary Boarding

Temporary board is available and includes feed, bedding, stall cleaning, and limited use of the facility.

  • Per Day Per Horse: $30.00
  • Paid in Advance

Contact us here for details...


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