Equine Boarding and Special Events
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Special Equestrian Events

Special events are held at Whittier Narrows Equestrian Center (WNEC) through community-based programs, rehabilitation, parks and recreation, and more. Below is a sample list of events:

  • Community-based programs – Whittier School District and El Rancho High School. WNEC is providing training, work experience and community service credit for their students, including their developmentally disabled students.
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff Mounted Patrol – they use WNEC as a starting base when the Mounted Patrol conducts responses to community complaints regarding activities on the trails. Illegal activity such as alcohol and drug violations, illegal camping and campfires, illegal horse racing, motorcycles and dirt bikes causing hazardous conditions for horses and riders, and homeless camps using materials hazardous to horses riding on the trails, etc.
  • Los Angeles County Mounted Assistance Unit (MAU) – an organized group of volunteers that conduct training sessions at WNEC and patrol the local trail system, reporting back to the County’s Parks Department regarding hazardous trail conditions or illegal activities on the trails or in the parks.
  • Save the Brave Veterans Rehabilitation Riding Program that addresses the Physical, Social, Cognitive and Emotional effects of being wounded in combat. Check out TheJourney on Facebook...
  • City of Pico Rivera Parks and Recreation Programs
  • National and International Charreria Events

For more information or to book your equestrian event at Whittier Narrows Equestrian Center (WNEC), contact us here...


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